The Firm has acquired significant experience in the judiciary field over the years before the  principle judiciary organizations throughout the entire nation, including the legal proceedings activated by the Superior Courts (Court of Auditors, Supreme Court, Council of State,  Constitutional Court and European Court of Justice), as well as  before the superior Court of the Waters Public.  
Moreover, the specific competences acquired over the years by the aid of numerous and important disputes, has allowed the Legal Firm Di Gravio Gizzi to develop noteworthy experience in the resolution and settlement of disputes and in prevention of the onset of future ones.
In the field of bankruptcy matters, assistance is provided for all matters pertaining to the management of insolvency, offering solutions and advice both in terms of restructuring debt and in managing bankruptcy proceeding, even if already in progress.

Significant experience has been gained in the analysis and review of banking relationships, assistance in financing transactions, performance verification,  even in litigation, without neglecting the opportunity to resolve the debt restructuring in progress or expired, and also defining the same through transactions of its many-faced profiles.
The Firm also provides advisory services in key activities related to commercial companies; constitutions, mergers, dissolutions, drafting shareholder agreements, intercompany agreements, share transfers, acquisition of companies or assets.



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